RCB Centennial Celebration Concert Photos

November 19, 2006

Robbinsdale Middle School




The uniform of the 1960s

The current uniform

The uniform of the 1970s


Some of the hundreds of trophies earned by the RCB


The uniform of the 1990s

Historical Photos

The guests arrive in the foyer


The cameras are ready

and the band plays on

JohnReger of WCCO is Emcee


The Concert Band


The overflow crowd in the gym

The video makes folks larger than life

The crowd goes wild!


The Marching Band


Bob Mendenhall directs In The Mood

Tim Almen sings for the Cell Phone Symphony

The grand finale


Shelley Hanson – composer of Whiz Bang

John Reger greats guests at the reception

Michael Serber – composer of The RCB Centennial March