Robbinsdale City Band – rehearsals & setup

November 16-18, 2006

Marriott West


The first rehearsal on stage with emcee John Reger – Thursday 11/16/06


Mike provides some detail direction

Bev and Mike Weinacht set up shop next to the director to test the video timing and cues

Mike and John Reger go over cues


Sheldon provides some technical direction

Cue the cell phones!

Bev Regehr is working the video



Friday, 11/17/06 – tech set-up


Sheldon surveys his “canvas” as the crew gets ready to set the stage

Gene Abramovich adjusts the lighting under Sheldon’s watchful eye.



Mid-Co AV starts to move in…

Wes Woelfle helps Tom and Corey get the first screen frame up

And the screen gets moved into place on the stage


Sheldon and Wes hang the flag for the grand finale

Sue – sign creator/coordinator sets up shop in the auditorium

Sheldon checks out the now nearly full stage.


Everyone breaths a sigh of relief as the first video appears on screen

Gena and Tom in the control booth

Bev is not really praying it all works


Sue, Wes, Corey and Tom stop for a minute laugh

John and Dave construct the history displays



Saturday, 11/18/06 – “Dress” Rehearsal


Roy Olson tells the band he’ll follow us – “just keep playing!”


Roger Thompson warms up the band.

Roger directing the band

Break time – pot luck goodies by the band


Dave Kiser brings out a channel 12 truck to test the video feed

Melissa Silberman steps in as narrator for the rehearsal