Robbinsdale City Band

2008 Awards Banquet

September 25, 2008

Sunshine Factory

Award Recipients

RICHARD POST (Trumpet) - 1998

BRENDA SOREM (Clarinet) - 1998

BOB STAMM (Tenor Saxophone) - 1998

BEV REGEHR (Percussion) - 1993

AUDREY JOHNSON (Clarinet) - 1988

DAVE SCHAUPP (Baritone) - 1988

GLORIAN ANDERSON (Percussion) - 1983

ROGER BERGMAN (Trumpet) - 1978

IRENE KAPLAN (Flute) - 1978

JIM WEINACHT (Percussion) - 1973

Members and Guests attending


Award Recipients

The social hour was truly enjoyed

Award Recipients

 35 Years

Jim Weinacht

Award Recipients

 30 Years

Irene Kaplan

Roger Bergman

Award Recipients

 20 Years

Audrey Johnson

Award Recipients

 15 Years

Bev Regehr

Award Recipients

 10 Years

Dick Post

Award Recipients

 25 Years

Jeane Olson and Kay Anderson provide some insight (a few stories) and a few "special" gifts for Glorian

Kay, emcee and band manger Sheldon Silberman congratulate Glorian Anderson for 25 years of service to the RCB

Mike Serber, Director poses some questions and provides some answers to the band