Robbinsdale City Band

2009 Awards Banquet

October 1, 2009

Sunshine Factory

Award Recipients

JENNY HARRIS (Clarinet) - 2004

WARREN KAARI (Trombone) - 2004

ROBB MAYER (French Horn) - 2004

ALYS NELSON (Baritone) - 2004

LYNN BAKKEN (Trumpet) - 1994

MIKE BARTHOLOMEW (Tenor Saxophone) - 1994

KERRY HOVERSON (Flute) - 1994

BRUCE KITTILSON (Bass Clarinet) - 1989

BETH ANDERSON (Flute) - 1984

KATE ANDERSON (Bassoon) - 1984

BECKY HAAPANEN (Flute) - 1984

JOHN ROLL (Tuba) - 1984

JEAN OLSON (French Horn) - 1979

DOUG REIMANN (Baritone) - 1969

Members and Guests attending


Penny Buck did a great job with all the dinner arrangements

The appetizers were a big hit

Award Recipients

 40 Years

Doug Reimann

Jan Reimann speaks of the close connection between the Reimann family and the RCB

Kay Anderson provides a few memories of Doug’s 40 years

Award Recipients

 30 Years

Jean Olson

Glorian Anderson, Jean and Kay Anderson

Award Recipients

 20 Years

Bruce Kittilson

Award Recipients

 5 Years

Jenny Harris

Robb Mayer

Alys Nelson

Award Recipients

 25 Years

Beth Anderson and Becky Haapanen
Friends from junior high joined together and remain great friends.

John Roll

Mike Serber, Director provides some interesting stats and news about the band

The proud Reimann family