Robbinsdale City Band   

2014 Awards Banquet

October 9,  2014

Pub 42, Crystal, MN

Award Recipients


JERRY JACKSON (Trumpet) – 2009

JENNY HARRIS (Clarinet) - 2004

WARREN KAARI (Trombone) - 2004

ROBB MAYER (French Horn) - 2004

ALYS NELSON (Baritone) - 2004

LYNN BAKKEN (Trumpet) - 1994

MIKE BARTHOLOMEW (Tenor Saxophone) - 1994

BRUCE KITTILSON (Clarinet) - 1989

BETH ANDERSON (Flute) - 1984

KATE ANDERSON (Bassoon) - 1984

BECKY HAAPANEN (Flute) - 1984

JOHN ROLL (Tuba) - 1984

JEAN OLSON (French Horn) - 1979

DOUG REIMANN (Baritone) - 1969




Band members and guests enjoy the new surroundings, drinks and hors devours at Pub  42





The new venue allowed for more people to sit together but it was a bit tight!










Penny Buck did a great job with all the dinner arrangements and got a big thank you from everyone!


Sheldon (band manager) led off the program with the anniversary awards

Award Recipients

 45 Years


Doug Reimann

Our first ever 45 Year award recipient presented by his daughter, Judy

Award Recipients

 35 Years



Jean Olson

Award Recipients

 30 Years


John Roll



Becky Haapanen and Beth Anderson

Award Recipients

 25 Years


Bruce Kittilson

Award Recipients

 20 Years


Lynn Bakken



Alys Nelson

Award Recipients

 10 Years


Robb Mayer

Award Recipients

 5 Years


Jerry Jackson



Mike Serber (director) talked about some of the memorable events from

2014 and spoke of plans and events planned in the coming season.