The Robbinsdale City
Marching Band

About the Marching Band

In 1970, the band was reorganized into its present two groups. The Marching Band consists of adults and high school students and appears in several parades each year from June through July or early August. The Concert Band membership is limited to post high school age musicians and provides entertainment throughout the community year round, performing summer concerts in the parks and winter concerts at numerous venues in the Twin Cities.

Marching Band rehearsals are open to all adults and high school students. There are no fees. There are no try-outs. Band members are required to provide an all white Tee-shirt, white socks and white shoes as part of the marching uniform. In order to promote uniformity, the shoes are ordered for the members by the band. Currently the cost of a pair of shoes is thirty dollars. All other parts of the uniform are provided by the band.

Band rehearsals begin the first Tuesday in April and run through July. Rehearsal time is from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM - Contact the director at: for further details.

In all its rehearsals and performances the band strives to achieve the following goals:

We believe that our satisfaction and enjoyment as members of the Marching Band will be in direct proportion to our success in achieving these goals. To this end, each member is expected to give his or her best effort at each rehearsal and performance and to make every reasonable effort to be present for rehearsals and performances.

Mike Serber - Director

Last update: 01/24/19
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