The Robbinsdale City Band 

Virtual Performances

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, all rehearsals were cancelled but the band played on!  After many months, we began recording individual parts to some of our music and stitched them together into a virtual performance. 

The Virtual Rehearsal recordings include a distinctive metronome click for rehearsal and recording. You can listen to these to practice and record your part.

Work continues on mixing and editing but included under the Virtual Performances list is some of our work:

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Virtual Performances

Virtual Rehearsal reference files


The Lord Bless You and Keep You, arranged by Michael Serber

- - - Concert Band Rehearsal Pieces - - -

Zoom Band Rehearsal help pdf


America The Beautiful-Ref Track


Avinu Malkeinu-Ref Track.mp3


Guys and Dolls-Ref Track.mp3

National Emblem - Ref Track.mp3

RCB Centennial-w_cuts Ref Track.mp3

Sim Shalom_ref track 01.mp3

- - - Jazz Band Rehearsal Pieces - - -

Goin Out Of My Head-126 - ref track.mp3

Hay Burner-120 Ref Track.mp3

Make Me Smile-120-ref track.mp3

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy ref track.mp3

New York, New York-108 - ref track.mp3

Out of Nowhere Ref Track.mp3

Spinning Wheel-120 ref track.mp3